Flatwhite cafe waihi beach pizzas burgers
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GF options, $3 surcharge for each half/half pizza

ALOHA champagne ham/cheese/pineapple 24.00

EAST MEETS WEST tandoori lamb/hummus/red onion/feta & mint yoghurt 24.00

ESPANOL chorizo/roasted red capsicum/chicken/caramelised onion/smoked paprika mayo 24.00

MEATLOVERS chorizo/beef/ham/chicken/smoked bbq sauce 24.00

SWIMMING UPSTREAM smoked salmon/capers/red onion/dill/cream cheese 24.00

MED OUT aubergine/red capsicum/olives/roast pumpkin/haloumi/pine nuts/aioli (V) 24.00

FUN GUY trio of mushrooms/prosciutto/rocket/mozzarella 24.00

KAIMOANA prawn/scallops/mussels/fish/dill cream cheese base w/mozzarella 24.00


All burgers served with flatwhite fries

BEEF 180gm burger pattie/cheese/tomato/bacon/free range egg/lettuce/caramelised onion/beetroot relish/aioli    19.50

FISH lettuce/tomato/pickled cucumber/tatare/lime mayo    19.50

CHICKEN crumbed chicken thigh/ham/brie/tomato/lettuce/mango & peach chutney/aioli    19.50

VEGETARIAN chickpea, lentil & black bean pattie/mint yoghurt/ pickled cucumber/lettuce/tomato/hummus/onion relish (G/F & V & VEGAN OPTIONS)    19.50